Zamb'up is a reunion of friends who met in new york city and started producing music on their own.
So what type of music do they play?
let's not label it, not yet, but you will definitely hear an interesting mix of brazilian and american music.

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December, 2018
6th Refinery hotel manhattan - 7.30-10.30pm
8th refinery hotel manhattan - 8-11pm
9th cleo restaurant manhattan - 7-10pm
13th trademark manhattan - 6-9pm
15th private event manhattan
22nd rockwood manhattan - 12am
23rd cleo restaurant manhattan - 7-10pm
27th trademark mahattan - 7-10pm
29th refinery manhattan - 8-11pm
30th cleo restaurant manhattan - 7-10pm
31st (new Year's eve) the wilson nyc - 9pm-1am